"A few months after the outbreak of the War of 1812, Captain David Porter set out in the U.S.S. Essex on an epic, seventeen month cruise to the South Seas. In The Shining Sea, award winning historian George C. Daughan tells the full story of Porter's thrilling, action-packed voyage."
George Daughan (The Shining Sea) in conversation with Admiral George Emery (In Their Own Words)
First Friday, Decemeber 6th, 7:00pm at Longfellow Books
“George Daughan has written a riveting seafaring story. With grace and style, he tells the epic and ultimately tragic tale of the South Seas voyage of the Essex, a US Navy frigate, during the War of 1812. The history of the Essex’s seventeen months at sea is captivating in itself, but Daughan succeeds in unraveling the mysteries of sailing ships, naval battles, the lonely life of a ship’s captain, and the fast-changing and often perilous fortunes of mariners. This is wonderful history so well told that it will leave readers with the feeling of running fast on a smooth blue sea.” -John Ferling, author of Jefferson and Hamilton: The Rivalry that Forged a Nation
The emotions captured by the War of 1812: patriotic fervor, anxiety, the immediacy of the moment, the joy of peace… all and more abound in In Their Own Words.
“[E]ach reader will probably have a favorite item…Mine is Charles Morris’ letter of 19 June 1812…recounting Morris’ unsuccessful (fortunately for him) effort to avoid being ordered to Constitution as her first lieutenant. Whatever our favorite letter or pamphlet or broadside may be, we can all be enthusiastically grateful to Admiral Emery for sharing some of his treasures…” -historian, Christopher McKee
Join us for an evening of conversation with these two Maine historians, George Daughan and Admiral George Emery, ask your questions and, of course, get your books signed! As always, Longfellow Books events are free and open to the public.

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